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I am using open source MigraDoc print preview control in one of my project. Per the software policy change, we are looking for a support-enabled licensed component.

Could you please suggest any components with can be using to replace the MigraDoc
Updated 21-May-13 22:53pm

Thank you very much for your suggestions and guidance.

I found a couple of way to handle the situation

a. Microsoft Print Preview controls
b. Third party controls providers like Infragistics and Developer Express have there own extensions of this microsoft print preview control

But i recommend to use MigraDoc over all these controls because its performance. it is really super fast compared to others.
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If your smart-* policy makers prohibit using open-source, you should probably also have a policy prohibiting you using the help of such an open community as CodeProject, just for consistency. :-)

Besides, I don't think you (or they?) really understand what is open-source and licensing. Open-source products are licensed. You just don't understand. However, in this situation it's all probably irrelevant to you.

Seriously, I don't think we should promote any proprietary commercial 3rd-party solutions here.

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[no name] 22-May-13 4:50am    
Thanks much for your thoughts Alex
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 22-May-13 12:04pm    
This is not my name, not at all.
You are welcome...
cid_moossaa 27-May-13 14:57pm    
I think, code project is place to share your questions to the community.

—SA, you have all the right to disagrees, thank you very much for sharing your thoughts
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 27-May-13 19:59pm    
No, I agree with your idea of sharing. This is also a place to share the advice/answers, and here I placed the ideas which could be a valid food for thought for policy makers. Anyway, before prohibiting or embracing open source, it's good to know how its licensing works, as well as other considerations.

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