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I am working on project which is "Mobile attendance system for android",and i am using QR code ,
Students comes and scan the code ,and through web service this student attendance goes to teacher database and he/she can check all students attendance,percentage of attendance,student can submit assignment through QR code etc.
Is it Possible ,Please help me i am in big trouble,for final year project.
[no name] 25-May-13 14:56pm    
It's your final year project, you are in big trouble and the specific question related to the code that you have written is "Is it Possible"... You are in bigger trouble than you know.
Mohsin Azam 25-May-13 16:44pm    
hi ,i can do all work related to my project,but one headache is "to track every student location,name etc"
David_Wimbley 25-May-13 15:59pm    
Of course it is possible, everything is possible.

The question is, do you have the time/knowledge/drive/desire/passion to figure it out. This is not so if you are stuck somewhere or having issues on a bit of code please post the code/question and im sure someone will be more then happy to help.

But again, to answer your question...this is possible, and I agree with ThePhantomUpvoter, you are in bigger trouble than you know.
Mohsin Azam 25-May-13 16:46pm    
i can do whole work related to my project but headache is "track location ,name of "student.
David_Wimbley 25-May-13 16:59pm    
If that is your headache, attempt the task then post some code where you are stuck and im sure with a clear problem/bit of code to look at you will get some assistance.

But right now i can think of plenty of different ways to track the location and name of a student.

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