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i have the data like this
deptno   empname

1        raju
1        mohan
1        aditya
1        mahesh
2        alekya
3        maduri
3        srinivas
3       bharat

now my desired output is

deptno         empname                                  count
1         raju, mohan, aditya,mahesh                      4
2         alekya                                          1
3         maduri,srinivas,bharat                          3

so could any one help me out for do like this

Thanks & Regards,
Updated 30-May-13 22:12pm

You want something similar to this:
SELECT deptno, empname=
   STUFF((SELECT ',' + CONVERT(VarChar(10), empname)
      FROM myTable b
      WHERE b.deptno = a.deptno
      FOR XML PATH('')), 1, 1, '')
FROM myTable a
GROUP BY deptno
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prakash.chakrala 31-May-13 4:32am    
and i need to get count also.
OriginalGriff 31-May-13 4:37am    
So add it!
damodara naidu betha 28-Jun-13 1:55am    

You can try like this also....
SELECT T.deptno,
STUFF((SELECT ','+empname [text()] FROM urTable WHERE deptno=T.deptno FOR XML PATH('')),1,1,'') 'empname'
FROM (SELECT deptno, COUNT(deptno) 'deptcount'
FROM urTable
GROUP BY deptno) T

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Select myColumn, count(*) totalcount
from myTable
group by myColumn
having count(*) >1
order by count(*) desc;

Kishor Makwana
Software Engineer
Insight Softech
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