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CREATE Procedure [dbo].[InsertUpdate_DashBoardMst]  
 @nDashBoardNo numeric(18,0),  
 @nCompanyNo numeric (18, 0) ,  
 @nPositionNo numeric (18,0) ,  
 @vDashBoardTitle nvarchar (255) ,  
 @iWidth Integer ,  
 @iHeight Integer ,  
 @iLayoutNo Integer ,   
 @bIsActive Bit ,  
 @nUserNo Numeric(18,0),   
 @DataOpMode TinyInt,  
 @nDashBoardNo_OutPut Int Output  
if (@DataOpMode = 1)  
  insert into DashBoardMst(nCompanyNo, nPositionNo, vDashBoardTitle, iWidth, iHeight, iLayoutNo, bIsActive,  
         nCreatedUserNo, nUserNo, dCreatedOn, dModifyOn)           
  values (@nCompanyNo, @nPositionNo, @vDashBoardTitle, @iWidth, @iHeight, @iLayoutNo, @bIsActive,  
         @nUserNo, @nUserNo, GETDATE(), GETDATE())  
  set @nDashBoardNo_OutPut = @@IDENTITY  

i only get problem when i try to save the data into Dashboardmst with DataOpMode=1
my data some sort like

if add this manually then saved succesfully but using vb code
For Each dr_Save As Data.DataRow In tbl4Save.Rows

               sqlCmd = New SqlCommand(ProcedureName_1, _objDtLogic.Connection, _objDtLogic.Transaction)
               sqlCmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure
               ParaRowArr = New ArrayList

               For Each dr_P As Data.DataRow In tbl_ProcDtl.Rows

                   Proc_ColName = dr_P("COLNAME").ToString.Substring(1).ToUpper
                   ColIndex_1 = CType(dr_P("COLINDEX"), System.Int32) - 1

                   SqlPara = New Data.SqlClient.SqlParameter()
                   SqlPara.ParameterName = dr_P("COLNAME").ToString
                   SqlPara.Direction = ParameterDirection.Input

                   If Proc_ColName = "DATAOPMODE" Then

                       '-- Change by Gunjan Gandhi as on 14/04/08
                       SqlPara.Value = dr_Save("DATAOPMODE") 'Convert.ToInt32(Choice_1)

                   ElseIf Convert.ToInt32(dr_P("ISOUTPUT")) = 0 Then ' when column is not output parameter

                       SqlPara.Value = dr_Save(Proc_ColName)

                   ElseIf Convert.ToInt32(dr_P("ISOUTPUT")) = 1 Then ' when column is output parameter

                       SqlPara.Direction = ParameterDirection.Output
                       SqlPara.Size = dr_P("LENGTH")

                       ParaRetuVal = New ParameterReturnValue
                       ParaRetuVal.ParameterName = dr_P("COLNAME")
                       ParaRetuVal.ParameterIndex = ColIndex_1

                   End If


               Next dr_P


here tbl4Save is target table which has data and tbl_ProcDtl has data with datatype information
and it's give the error "Error while converting in to nvarchar"

does i missing something?
PrissySC 23-Jun-13 11:30am    
I don't have your answer but you should be aware of the deprication for 2012 which includes nvarchar ...
7045Jeegnesh 24-Jun-13 7:44am    
thank u. i am aware about that and i tied everything on the web.
PrissySC 24-Jun-13 9:56am    
I think it is your conversion. I am linking a table that tells you when to use explicit and implicit conversion. This should help you. I consult it when I need to know.

@vDashBoardTitle nvarchar (255) - As you mention the web, I have to ask why nvarchar then. It is twice the cost to use over varchar. There are quite a few articles on it ... memory and performance have been discussed at length. Test thoroughly. How large is the data that your are converting? You have a "255" limit. Try outputing the test to as a string to view (shortest way to check).

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