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if suppose there are some 'n' number of fields in a form...and for each mandatory TEXTBOX fields I named them with a class "fileds" and error message I want to display in a LABEL which I placed them below the textboxs with "display:none", and given cssClass="Error"....(So that I do not want to use alert box)

I want to use "each" loop and "blur" event in script tags for that i can reduce my validation code.

1 solution

You could use below mentioned function for that.

function SetErrorFields(fields) {
    ErrorFields = fields;
    for (Field in ErrorFields) {
      alert(ErrorFields[Field][0]+" | "+ErrorFields[Field][1]+" | "+$('#'+ErrorFields[Field][0]).val());
      $('#'+ErrorFields[Field][0]).blur({fld: ErrorFields[Field][0], err: ErrorFields[Field][1]}, function(event){


Note : Here I have put alert box.But you can use your error labels instead of.

For a more in-depth explanation on what it does go :[^]

I hope this will help to you.
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