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I want to popup data of selected row when user click the linkbutton inside the gridview. But its not working properly now, please help me to solve this.
Linkbutton in gridview:
<asp:TemplateField ShowHeader="False">
<asp:LinkButton ID="LinkButton1" CausesValidation="false"  runat="server" Text="Edit" OnClick="lnkapprove_Click"></asp:LinkButton>                       

protected void lnkapprove_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
       GridViewRow row = (GridViewRow)btn.NamingContainer;
       int selectedIndexInPage = Convert.ToInt32(row.RowIndex);
       int pagesize = GridView1.PageSize;
       int pageindex = GridView1.PageIndex;
       int i = selectedIndexInPage + pageindex * pagesize;
       CurrentCard = CurrentDataTable.Clone();
       //Bind data to the hidden Div
       imgR1.ImageUrl = Page.ResolveUrl(CurrentCard.Rows[0]["picUrl"].ToString().Trim());
       txtPicR1.Text = CurrentCard.Rows[0]["picUrl"].ToString().Trim();
       imgR4.ImageUrl = CurrentCard.Rows[0]["picR4"].ToString().Trim();
       txtPicR4.Text = Page.ResolveUrl(CurrentCard.Rows[0]["picR4"].ToString().Trim());
       txtName.Text = CurrentCard.Rows[0]["name"].ToString().Trim();


$('[id*="LinkButton1"]').click(function (event) {
                 setTimeout(function () { // then show popup, deley in .5 second
                     loadPopup(); // function show popup
                 }, 500); // .5 second
                 return false;

With above jquerry function, it does show popup without trigger lnkapprove_Click event.
if i remove
return false;
or set its to true, the popup show first but without any data then close after page completely loaded.
So i want to after page completely loaded it will execute the jquerry later to properly display the popup with data.
Please help me to solve this, thanks :).
Mahesh Bailwal 30-Jun-13 9:56am    
can you share your loadPopup function code.
Ngoc Diep Mai 30-Jun-13 15:16pm    
Hi here it is:
<pre lang="Javascript">
$("div.close").click(function () {
disablePopup(); // function close pop up

$(this).keyup(function (event) {
if (event.which == 27) { // 27 is 'Ecs' in the keyboard
disablePopup(); // function close pop up

$("div#backgroundPopup").click(function () {
disablePopup(); // function close pop up

function loading() {
function closeloading() {

var popupStatus = 0; // set value

function loadPopup() {
if (popupStatus == 0) { // if value is 0, show popup
closeloading(); // fadeout loading
$("#toPopup").fadeIn(0500); // fadein popup div
$("#backgroundPopup").css("opacity", "0.7"); // css opacity, supports IE7, IE8
popupStatus = 1; // and set value to 1

function disablePopup() {
if (popupStatus == 1) { // if value is 1, close popup
popupStatus = 0; // and set value to 0

If you are using jQuery popup hope your popup code will be like this
  $(function() {
    $( "#dialog" ).dialog();

and your id name must be the same name which you are used in popup function you can call this function using script manager on click of link button
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Ngoc Diep Mai 1-Jul-13 5:11am    
I was able to call both javascript function and c# function of linkbutton.
But as i mention above, with javascript return false; its will so popup but without any data is that popup (c# function never triggered).
With javascript return true, it show popup first then do postback==> user cant not see popup.
Are you coded correctly funation : loadPopup() ??
As coder am recommend to use ajax model pop-up Please see below link:[^]
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Ngoc Diep Mai 1-Jul-13 5:14am    
Thanks will try on it :")

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