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I'm receiving data from a feed that determines what should be displayed on my UI and also user selection of options. I'm trying to find a REALLY good book, tutorial or design patters that cover building dynamic winForm GUI's.

Does anyone know of any good books or design patterns that cover building dynamic winForms?

Thanks in advance
Updated 3-Jul-13 4:02am
BiteForce 3-Jul-13 10:24am    
I think, it´s not that hard. You just gotta use all the necessary usings and then you can easily create instances of the UIElements and declare their properties.

for example:

Button button = new Button();
button.Text = "Hi";
button.Click += delegate{DoSomething();};

Therefore I think, you won´t urgently need a book or something. You might have to google sometimes or do research in the msdn-references, but all in all everything´s very understandable and simple.

d.allen101 3-Jul-13 10:29am    
thx the advice. i'm already doing it BUT i need a more structured/systematic way to learn this instead of trial and error. I'd like to learn from an academic standpoint then apply what i'm learning as i go along. i "guess" i'm looking for something along the lines of building custom layoutManagers, adding and removing controls based user preferences etc...

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