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Hi friends,

I am wondering how to create web page as stated below
There are many posts but I don't get any clear idea

The webpage must be multi tasking

For example in Facebook If we accept multiple friend request all requests are done simultaneously.

I tried using separate update panels with update mode conditional, button as child in update panel, trigger as AsyncPostBackTrigger for control id

Still last clicked button only works.

Example 2:
Suppose there are 10 autopostback textboxes for entering SNo or RefNo. The name and mobile number should be displayed in the corresponding labels provided next to text boxs.

The data source is sql server

Main thing is, I will not wait until the first name is displayed
I will just enter in the textboxes
The details should be displayed simultaneously

Help me to do this

Updated 28-Jul-13 20:15pm
Thanks7872 29-Jul-13 1:42am    
I am live example of the one who doesnt own Facebook account. So it would be better if you elaborate on what do you mean by If we accept multiple friend request all requests are done simultaneously?
R. Ganesh Kumar IT 29-Jul-13 2:16am    
Hi Rohan kindly find the example 2. Ping me if not clear
Thanks7872 29-Jul-13 2:19am    
The details should be displayed simultaneously?-Which Details?
From where the details come? What you want to do is not clear.
R. Ganesh Kumar IT 29-Jul-13 2:31am    
A table CustomerDetails consists of (SNo, Name, MobileNo)
The SNo is numeric from 1, 2, 3 ..... upto 100
If I put "1" in first text box the Name and mobileNo of Customer with SNo "1" will be fetched and displayed in corresponding labels
The same operation is performed when I do it in second textbox also
The problem is I have to wait until the first text box postback completes its operation.
But I will not wait until it completes its operation. I will be entering the SNo one by one in all the 10 textboxes. The name and mobile number should be displayed in corresponding labels provided
Thanks7872 29-Jul-13 2:50am    
Postback occurs in order to inform the server what has been done on client side. You are talking something like autocomplete textbox,but it will assign value to textbox only. If you want to fetch data from database and display it in label than this operation should be performed at server side to inform the server that fetch name and mobile no from database whose SNo is 1,so its obvious that you will be posted back.

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