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Hi all!
I have create a model server/client (TCP/IP, Socket) through LAN.
So, Server is developed by MFC application
Client by VB.Net
It's is connect, wait,send,revice and end , that's OK
so, data send and revice is error.
at client, message show memory is throw, data send OK but server not is read them.
I think it is error by variable unsigned char* in C++ (packet type server) with
byte() in VB.Net(packet type client)
So, i don't know, how to fix it.
Can help me a good solution, idea.
Thanks so much!

1 solution

allocate a byte buffer in VB an let C++ fill the bytes. Use the length as parameter to avoid buffer overruns.

i wolud write code like that:


Dim buffer(200) as Byte

in c++

int Call_C_Plus_Plus(char *buffer. in len)
 strncpy( buffer, my_c_message, 200);
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dev C plus 1-Aug-13 4:24am    
yes, i have do it! So, result is same old time!
Client : redim packetRev (lenghtPacket-1)
Server : unsign long ulSize
KarstenK 1-Aug-13 4:38am    
i didnt understand your message. So I added some sample code.

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