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I want to retrieve the data based on sku number like in below code,in this process i got all data same as it is in database but "date type" value is display like "01/01/0001".But i need to "date type" data like as it is in database date.any modifications i need to do .please help me out.
public IEnumerable<SKUDvo> getdatabysku()

         eshop_dbContext dbcontext123 = new eshop_dbContext();

         var productinfoQuery321 = (from productInfo321 in dbcontext123.ProductMasters
                                    where productInfo321.SKU == "s121"
                                    select productInfo321);

         IList<SKUDvo> productList123 = new List<SKUDvo>();
         foreach (var proitems in productinfoQuery321)
             productList123.Add(new SKUDvo
                 skuno = name,
                 ProductId = proitems.ProductId,
                 CategoryID = proitems.CategoryID,
                 ManufaturerId = proitems.ManufaturerId,
                 ItemNo = proitems.ItemNo,
                 ProductName = proitems.ProductName,
                 DeletedInd = proitems.DeletedInd,


         return productList123;

My table is like below.
empid ename dateofjoin

10  sarath 26/02/2003

20  jai    16/03/2001

my result is like below

10 sarath 01/01/0001
20 jai 01/01/0001
Updated 4-Sep-13 0:40am
TryAndSucceed 4-Sep-13 17:39pm    
Are you retrieving the data from the table given? and is its name ProductInfo321?

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