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I am having a grid which wil be binded aftr the button is clicked. I want to avoid the page load event on the button click you jquery. Pleae help me on this.


Page load event will always fire on postback if you dont want to execute the code

put i in !isPostBack Condition

if (!isPostBack)


//Place the code here

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If Not Page.IsPostBack Then
                btnAddSub.Visible = False
            End If
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In this case you need to use jquery/Javascript.Without javascript whenever you click on your button PageLoad will be Fired.

another scenario is if you don't have any code written on the PageLoad then Set the AutoEventWireup="False" in page directive of .aspx page.By setting this property this function will not be called.
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Already I have a piece of code in
If Not Page.IsPostBack Then
                btnAddSub.Visible = False
                btnExportToExcel.Visible = False
                btnExtract.Visible = True
                gvBVALPrices.Visible = False
            End If

On the click event of the button , i have the following code which shows the check box.

Protected Sub btnAddSub_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnAddSub.Click

        dv.Visible = True

        Dim count As Integer = gvBVALPrices.Columns.Count
        Dim i As Integer
        For i = 0 To count - 1
        chkColumns.Items(0).Selected = True
        chkColumns.Items(1).Selected = True
        chkColumns.Items(2).Selected = True
        chkColumns.Items(3).Selected = True
        chkColumns.Items(4).Selected = True
        chkColumns.Items(5).Selected = True

    End Sub

So please provide me a jquery to prevent the page load on the button click event.
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