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Suppose I have an Arraylist called MyArray which contains 3 counts.

In Debug View,
[0] | "value"
[1] | Count=12
[2] | 1

For this type of arraylist It is OK for like this:
ArrayList fromlist = (ArrayList)((ArrayList)MyArray)[2];

And I will get 1.
But in this following Arraylist how can I get?
+ [0] | something.ReturnObjectClass
+ [0] | something.ReturnObjectClass
+ [0] | something.ReturnObjectClass

The data is contained and will find if you Click plus(+) .
My Question is how to get data from Arraylist which shows Return---ObjectClass instead of it data.
Updated 3-Oct-13 3:09am

1 solution

No. MyArray[2] is a number - 1 - not an ArrayList. MyArray[1] would seem to be an arraylist...

Just a suggestion, but it you are returning or otherwise passing multiple values around with an ArrayList it would probably be a good idea to create specific class to hold the three values and access they via properties - then you don't have to cast them at all, and it is impossible to use the wrong element!
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[no name] 3-Oct-13 10:54am    
ႊThanks for your answer.
I mean I can get First Arrarylist data. 1 is my false to show as an example.
My problem is how to get Arraylist data of second Arraylist.
OriginalGriff 3-Oct-13 11:07am    
It may be that I'm confused, but that makes no sense to me at all.
Would you mind giving a bit more information on exactly what you are trying to do?

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