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Hi all,

Can anybody tell me is it possible to rotate rectangle control to certain degrees in windows form...? Like i want to rotate the rectangle to around 45 degrees, so can i achieve this...?

Thanks in advance.

The code is as follows:

private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
 Image img = pictureBox1.Image;       
 RotateImage(img, 45);

     public static Image RotateImage(Image img, float rotationAngle)
            //create an empty Bitmap image
            Bitmap bmp = new Bitmap(img.Width, img.Height);

            //turn the Bitmap into a Graphics object
            Graphics gfx = Graphics.FromImage(img);


            //now we set the rotation point to the center of our image
            gfx.TranslateTransform((float)img.Width / 2, (float)img.Height / 2);

            //now rotate the image

            gfx.TranslateTransform(-(float)img.Width / 2, -(float)img.Height / 2);

            //set the InterpolationMode to HighQualityBicubic so to ensure a high
            //quality image once it is transformed to the specified size
            gfx.InterpolationMode = InterpolationMode.HighQualityBicubic;
            //now draw our new image onto the graphics object
            gfx.DrawImage(img, new Point(0, 0));

            //dispose of our Graphics object

            //return the image
            return img;
Updated 6-Oct-13 21:26pm

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Jagadisha_Ingenious 7-Oct-13 2:31am    
@ArunRajendra: As per the solution i will be able to rotate the image not the control, but i need to rotate the control itself. In windows form we cannot add image directly to the form(background image can be changed) but i have a image of 25pix which is added using either picturebox or a imagelist. Also if we try to rotate the image in the picture box it rotates & background we find original image without orientation. Any solution for this....?
ArunRajendra 7-Oct-13 2:39am    
Is it possible to post code?
Jagadisha_Ingenious 7-Oct-13 3:27am    
@ArunRajendra : I have added the code, do let me know the correction.

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