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Hello guru's! my question is how possible is it to use Secugen dll library in web based application using aspx nd c# without ActiveX Control....I ave tried it in windows form application nd it worked but I need it most as a web based application.... Thanks. Anticipating Response.

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Most likely, you cannot avoid using ActiveX, because, by apparent security reasons: a Web application does not have access to a client system, and the fingerprint reading is not a part of W3 standards implemented in browsers in a safe manner. Remember that personal fingerprint information is a very sensitive information, so passing it via insecure connection (HTTP) would be utterly dangerous. ActiveX components embedded in a browser (almost always IE) is the known hole in such protection. It's up to you to decide if you can trust this company, but keep in mind that security-savvy customers may deny using your services if they learn that you are using such thing as browse-embedded ActiveX. In all cases, it's desirable that you only used authentication technology based on HTTPS and have your user using X.509 (SSL) client certificates to access your site.

However, ask the manufacturer's customer support:[^],[^].

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Theight 8-Oct-13 1:09am    
Thanks! For your response it really helped. now the problem is I have added the ActiveX control Library as reference in c# visual studio 2010,and there's an error in design view that the component is not Registered or Recognised....My Question Really is What Exactly do I have to do after adding the OCX file as Reference in my project?... And this is just my Final year Project in School,I don't really need to worry about the Security.... Thanks.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 8-Oct-13 3:26am    
The crazy idea to add any OCX control to a .NET project never even visited my mind, sorry... :-)
Anyway, "there is an error" and "not registered" is not informative. You need to register OCX first and just add a reference, as usually, but from the COM tab of the "Add reference" window.
Theight 8-Oct-13 5:38am    
Thanks for your response... The problem is am able to referenced the OCX file Class in my c# code after adding d reference without doing d regsvr32 .... But d ActiveX control icon is saying it's nt a Recognised component... Now when I did the regsvr32 it was impossible 4 me too reference the Class nd Method of d ActiveX control...that is the problem am Facing..... Better still I should Capture d Screen nd insert d image displayed?
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 8-Oct-13 10:28am    
Not clear. You add a reference not to a class or a method, but to an assembly. If you open "Add Reference" window and look at the "COM" tab page, can you find your component?
Theight 8-Oct-13 10:49am    
Yes i could.... Nd what I meant was am able to call the methods in d ActiveX Library... But the design view still saying unrecognised component.

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