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Here is my problem:
- I live in a house with DSL coming in and being split to two routers, one for the two bottom floors and one for the top two floors.
- The internet gets really slow and feels like it's being stressed (probably because we have ten people in the house all streaming and downloading)
- I want to see who is on the entire network (both routers) and monitor each users traffic to see if someone is eating up all the bandwidth.
Here is the question:
Does anyone know what a good free open source tool for monitoring my network traffic usage is for each user on our home network and restricting or shaping each users traffic so they don't use more than a certain amount? Windows or Mac application is ok.

1 solution

There is this list of Network Monitoring Tools[^], also this article on the subject[^] gives a couple of other options such as setting up a NAT server to control traffic, may mean getting rid of the routers and replacing them with switches if the routers have there own NAT firewalls built-in.
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