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This is my dynamic Data Grid code... On run time depending on data I will get grid views greater than 3.... So if u see my code... There I am providing text boxes in the grid view... so when the user enters the data... I want to change the values of the column of that row... So any one please suggest me that how to change the value of a column of a dynamic Data Grid... Pls don't give solution that to change the datatable and bind to that grid... I have issues in that way... so please suggest me appropriate solution... I am having On change event in text box...

private void CreateDynamicGridView(DataSet dsBillingDetails)

          // Create a GridView
           int rowPosition = 0;
           for (int index = 1; index < dsBillingDetails.Tables.Count; index++)

                   DataGrid grdCharges = new DataGrid();
                   grdCharges.ItemsSource = dsBillingDetails.Tables[index].DefaultView;
                   grdCharges.AutoGenerateColumns = false;

                   Style grdHeaderStyle = this.FindResource("grdHeaderStyle") as Style;

                   <big>//Adding Button Dynamically</big>
                   DataGridTemplateColumn dgtcDel = new DataGridTemplateColumn();
                   FrameworkElementFactory fefDelButton = new FrameworkElementFactory(typeof(Button));
                   BitmapImage biDeleteIcon = new BitmapImage();

                   fefDelButton.SetBinding(Button.TagProperty, new Binding("LineItemID"));
                   fefDelButton.AddHandler(FrameworkElement.MouseLeftButtonDownEvent, new MouseButtonEventHandler(btnDelete_Click), true);
                   DataTemplate buttonTemplate = new DataTemplate();

                   dgtcDel.Header = "D";
                   dgtcDel.HeaderStyle = grdHeaderStyle;
                   buttonTemplate.VisualTree = fefDelButton;
                   dgtcDel.CellTemplate = buttonTemplate;
                   biDeleteIcon.UriSource = new Uri(@"..\Images\Deleteicon.png", UriKind.Relative);

                   fefDelButton.SetValue(Image.SourceProperty, biDeleteIcon);
                   fefDelButton.SetValue(Image.VisibilityProperty, Visibility.Visible);

                   //create a template column for text box
                   DataGridTemplateColumn dgtTextBox = new DataGridTemplateColumn();

                   //set title of column
                   dgtTextBox.Header = "Line Item Units";
                   dgtTextBox.Width = 150;

                   DataTemplate dtTextBox = new DataTemplate();
                   FrameworkElementFactory fefTextBox = new FrameworkElementFactory(typeof(System.Windows.Controls.TextBox));

                 fefTextBox.AddHandler(TextBox.TextChangedEvent, new TextChangedEventHandler(txtUnitCount_Changed));
                   dtTextBox.VisualTree = fefTextBox;
                   dgtTextBox.CellTemplate = dtTextBox;


                   //   grdCharges.Style = grdHeaderStyle;
                   Grid.SetRow(grdCharges, rowPosition + 1);
                   rowPosition = rowPosition + 2;

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