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Hi All;

I am an experienced WinForms developer but only now delving into ASP.NET.

I am developing a basic website with user authentication etc... using ASPNETDB.mdf. While this site is on my machine it is easy to amend data in this DB using the ASP WebSite Admin Tool. But how can I manage it once I upload it to a remote server at my hosting service?


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Depending on who your hosting provider is, they usually provide a few db instances with a web hosting solution (I know goDaddy Does). I would suggest you port your schema there end access the schema via connection strings, in terms of modifying the data. You can usually access your db via a web interface.

Your other option is to write some ASP.NET code to do the db modifications for you, essentially creating your own web dashboard to access the application. It's not the best approach but it will get the job done for you.
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