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I have a requirement where I need to have TCPListener hosted over Web which accepts data from client application and stores it to a database.
Client Application will push data to TCPListener just by referring to IP address and Port that are configured with this listener.
I have developed a console application with above requirements in .Net/C# and it works well.
I don't have a dedicated server so I can't install desktop application over my 3rd party hosting domain space.
I was thinking of creating WCF Service which works on net.tcp binding, but again I don't have any control over the 3rd Party Client application .They can accept just IP address and Port. They won't be changing there code for specific binding format.
How can I achieve this? Please help.

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Try my article here : WCF Killer[^]
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MrSaurabh95 28-Oct-13 9:38am    
Thanks for reply.You have given example of a console application. As I said I want to host it over internet in such a way that client need to just pass data,IP,Port.
How shall I incorporate your logic into web service / wcf service?
Mehdi Gholam 28-Oct-13 9:51am    
You need to create a windows service.
MrSaurabh95 28-Oct-13 10:03am    
Thats the problem ..I dont have dedicated server to host :(. I get 3rd part panel to host my websites
Mehdi Gholam 28-Oct-13 10:09am    
You can create a web app to start up the TCPListener but the web server may recycle it at any time.
MrSaurabh95 29-Oct-13 0:48am    
sorry..I didn't understand

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