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Dear all

I want to backup of my database server with c sharp. I saw a method in google. and using this method now its create a error "failed to connect to server VS ".
  private void btnBackup_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
//            Back();

        public void BackupDatabase(String databaseName, String userName,String password, String serverName, String destinationPath)
            Backup sqlBackup = new Backup();
            sqlBackup.Action = BackupActionType.Database;
            sqlBackup.BackupSetDescription = "ArchiveDataBase:" + DateTime.Now.ToShortDateString();
            sqlBackup.BackupSetName = "Archive";
            sqlBackup.Database = "RPSJDB";
            BackupDeviceItem deviceItem = new BackupDeviceItem("c:\\RPSJDB\\mk.mdf", DeviceType.File);
            ServerConnection connection = new ServerConnection("VS", "Sa", "manish");
            Server sqlServer = new Server(connection);
            Database db = sqlServer.Databases["RPSJDB"];
            sqlBackup.Initialize = true;
            sqlBackup.Checksum = true;
            sqlBackup.ContinueAfterError = true;
            sqlBackup.Incremental = false;
            sqlBackup.ExpirationDate = DateTime.Now.AddDays(3);
            sqlBackup.LogTruncation = BackupTruncateLogType.Truncate;
            sqlBackup.FormatMedia = false;
Updated 28-Oct-13 20:50pm
Madhu Nair 29-Oct-13 2:08am    
Using the same connection string, are you able to connect to the server using SQL Management Studio?
Manish Arya 29-Oct-13 2:12am    
string connstr = @"Server=\MSSQL;Initial Catalog=RPSJDB; Uid=Sa; Pwd=manish; Max Pool Size=100";

yes I m connected with sql management studio. I can insert,delete everything.

1 solution

try changing the below line from -
ServerConnection connection = new ServerConnection("VS", "Sa", "manish");

To -

ServerConnection connection = new ServerConnection("\MSSQL", "Sa", "manish");


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Manish Arya 29-Oct-13 2:33am    
same problem

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