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I want to generate serial sequence numbers within a range.
I have a from textbox and a to textbox. After that i have to fill from textbox and To Textbox for specifying the range.
The numbers should print within that range and they should come serially.
I want to do it with C#.

Please help me out....
Karthik_Mahalingam 24-Nov-13 4:07am    
Wat u hav to print??
OriginalGriff 24-Nov-13 4:08am    
And? What is your problem with this?
What have you tried? Where are you stuck?

Remember that we can't see your screen, access your HDD, or read your mind.
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Thanks7872 24-Nov-13 4:12am    
And? What is the question? This is just a list of requirements. You have not asked any question.

1 solution

WE are not sure of your question..
this code might help you, in case if u r looking for this..

int from = Convert.ToInt32(txtboxFrom.Text.Trim());
               int to = Convert.ToInt32(txtboxTo.Text.Trim());

               for (int i = from; i <= to; i++)
                   // this loop will runs in the range mentioned in the text box..
                   // u can do your print or watever u want..

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