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I was wondering if anyone would be able to assist, I need to create a workflow which will send a user a notification when a certain field is filled/completed. I found a step by step guide to creating a workflow for exactly what I need from this very website titled 'Step by Step Guide in Developing your own Workflow in Sharepoint 2010' but it's missing a specific aspect I need to be able to do which is when the desired field is filled/completed I don't want the user notification to happen immediately, I would like it to be sent one/two days later. So what I am asking is it possible for the workflow to send the notification email automatically one/two days later?

Thanks in advance to anyone who contributes and helps me out with my issue, also I apologize if I haven't explained myself properly and if my grammar isn't up to scratch.


TryAndSucceed 11-Dec-13 11:35am    
Well, I think there should be a value which you can set for sending the email. Probably you need to search for setting the email notification.
frazzerr 12-Dec-13 7:01am    
Thanks for your contribution :)
vanita khatnani 11-Dec-13 22:16pm    
you can pause the workflow for 2 days by workflow action "pause till day or pause uptill" in sharepoint designer 2010. after the action pause, write the action for email notification.. hope this works for you.. :) :)
frazzerr 12-Dec-13 7:00am    
Thanks very much :)

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