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I need some guidance, I have a WinForm app that collects info to connect to a database and column names that will be used. After that I have to show those column values as charts in a html page.

I've been told to use WebApi with my WinForm.

I think that the WebAPi will act as a service to make the file that javascript will read (json) available as url, since javascript can't read a file from local machine (c:\documents\...).

My questions are:

- how can i run the WebApi in my WinForm?
- how can i build the WebApi to do what i want?

Can anyone help me?

If possible can you provide me some example code?

thk for your time
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 11-Dec-13 20:05pm    
Do you mean ASP.NET Web API? It has nothing to do with Windows.Forms, but a client can be a Forms application. You don't need Javascript to read JSON, by the way.
Lopezd 12-Dec-13 9:35am    
but i need javascript to present the charts
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 12-Dec-13 11:46am    
Why? I'm not sure. It depends on what do you want to present and how. You can use Javascript if you embed a WebBrower control in your application, but if you do so, why not making it a Web application?
It all depends...
Lopezd 12-Dec-13 16:31pm    
i understand what you are saying. the information that was given to me was that this Webapi is to use in another program, basically i'm doing a module that will be added in that program. i have to, based on table data, present a dashboard with charts in a html file
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 12-Dec-13 17:55pm    
You really need to get more information and explain your situation properly.

1 solution

Why didn't you search Google(I searched Web API + Winform) for this before posting question? :(
CRUD Operation using Web API and Windows Application[^]
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Lopezd 12-Dec-13 16:33pm    
i have been searching google for the last days looking for something that would give me some explanation on how can i do what i need to do
normalsoft 8-May-14 7:48am    
Me too have the same issue. How can I consume a web API using my class libray?
thatraja 8-May-14 9:11am    
Did you check the link in my answer? that's not help useful? Let me know
normalsoft 11-May-14 0:49am    
I checked it. But my .Net version is 3.5. HttpClient is not available in that version.
Interrobang 14-Jul-15 14:16pm    
I checked that page. I'm not sure if it has what OP needs, but I don't think it has what I need. I want one WinForms application to act as a WebAPI server and a second application to act as a client. As near as I could tell, the link you posted acts as its own server/client. I did not see where the URI included in the source code was configured.

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