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Hi Sir/Mam
I'am a fresher and i have an application that requires to generate a unique alphanumeric id automatically(with out duplicates).and i want to customize the alphabets to my own choice.
For example:
if I need to generate a admission number for a student
if the college name is sathya the id should look like -------- sa00001
-------- sa00002
and they should be unique and never generate a duplicate.How?

Please Help me Out
Thanks In advance
Updated 18-Dec-13 18:25pm

First of all get the last id of the table from database.
Then parse it
e.g. in your situation:
var numAlpha = new Regex("(?<Alpha>[a-zA-Z]*)(?<Numeric>[0-9]*)");
            var match = numAlpha.Match("sa00001");
            var alpha = match.Groups["Alpha"].Value;
            var num = match.Groups["Numeric"].Value;
            var number = Convert.ToInt32(num);
            var nextId = alpha;
            var length = num.Length - number.ToString().Length;
            if (length != 0)
                var format = "D" + length;
                nextId += number.ToString(format);

Now you have next id do whatever you can do with it
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raxhemanth 19-Dec-13 2:14am    
Thankyou Hammad thanks a lot.
Hammad 19-Dec-13 4:23am    
You are welcome buddy. It's Great to know that it helps..
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Generate a unique ID using GUID and then append the string (of your combination to the Uniquely generated key) like this a post in soverflow[^]

I think this will resolve your issue.
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So, you should always retrieve the last inserted ID from the Database table.
Increment it and insert it for the next College.
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