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Using the following code I get the OutOfMemory error, I noticed that new threads are started continuously, how do I control the number of threads or reuse previously created? where am I wrong? Hothanks

Module Module1

Dim TotalThread As Integer = 3
Dim SemaphoreCount As Integer = 2
Dim Threads As Thread() = New Thread(TotalThread - 1) {}
Dim semaph As New Semaphore(SemaphoreCount, SemaphoreCount)

Private baseUrl As String = ""
Private m_SavePath As String = "c:\test\"

Public Structure ParameterList
    Public ImageUrl As String
    Public FileName As String
    Public objSemaphore As Semaphore
End Structure

<MTAThread> _
Sub Main()
End Sub

Private Function checkImage() As Boolean

    Dim _param As New ParameterList

    Dim dbConn As New SqlClient.SqlConnection("Data Source=localhost\sqlexpress;Initial Catalog=db;Persist Security Info=True;User ID=username;Password=password")
    Dim cmd As New SqlCommand
    cmd.Connection = dbConn
    cmd.CommandType = CommandType.Text
    cmd.CommandText = "SELECT  LinkImg.codice , LinkImg.foto , LinkImg.Zoom FROM LinkImg WHERE codice NOT IN (select codice from _PRODOTTI_IMMAGINI)"

    Dim dtr As SqlDataReader

        dtr = cmd.ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior.CloseConnection)

        If dtr.HasRows Then
            While dtr.Read

                Dim t1 As New Thread(New ParameterizedThreadStart(AddressOf DownloadRemoteImageFile))
                Dim t2 As New Thread(New ParameterizedThreadStart(AddressOf DownloadRemoteImageFile))

                _param.ImageUrl = dtr("zoom")
                _param.FileName = "img_zoom_" & dtr("codice").ToString.Trim & ".jpg"
                _param.objSemaphore = semaph

                t1.IsBackground = True

                _param.ImageUrl = dtr("foto")
                _param.FileName = "img_Small_" & dtr("codice").ToString.Trim & ".jpg"
                _param.objSemaphore = semaph

                t2.IsBackground = True

                t1 = Nothing
                t2 = Nothing

            End While
        End If

    Catch ex As Exception
        Throw ex
    End Try

    Return True
End Function

Public Sub DownloadRemoteImageFile(ByVal param As Object)

    Dim l_SemaPhore As Semaphore = DirectCast(param.objSemaphore, Semaphore)

    If l_SemaPhore.WaitOne(100, False) Then
            Dim imageUrl As String = baseUrl & param.ImageUrl

            Dim imageBytes As Byte()
            Dim imageRequest As HttpWebRequest = DirectCast(WebRequest.Create(imageUrl), HttpWebRequest)
            Dim imageResponse As HttpWebResponse = TryCast(imageRequest.GetResponse(), HttpWebResponse)

            If (imageResponse.StatusCode = HttpStatusCode.OK OrElse imageResponse.StatusCode = HttpStatusCode.Moved OrElse imageResponse.StatusCode = HttpStatusCode.Redirect) AndAlso imageResponse.ContentType.StartsWith("image", StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase) Then
                Dim responseStream As Stream = imageResponse.GetResponseStream()

                Using br As New BinaryReader(responseStream)
                    imageBytes = br.ReadBytes(500000)
                End Using


                Dim fs As FileStream
                Dim bw As BinaryWriter

                    fs = New FileStream(m_SavePath & param.FileName.Replace("/", "-"), FileMode.Create)
                    bw = New BinaryWriter(fs)

                Catch ex As Exception

                    If fs IsNot Nothing Then fs.Close()
                    If bw IsNot Nothing Then bw.Close()
                End Try


            End If

        End Try
    End If
End Sub
End Module

1 solution

Why are you starting a pair of new threads on eavry record read? Every thread comes with a cost. They are expensive to spin up and cost you 1MB of memory for its stack.

Google for "Task class" and convert this code to spin up a Task instead. Tasks will only use enough threads to keep the processor busy and manage its own queue of work to be done without you doing anything special.
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