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I want to execute this Procedure using entity framework

/****** Object:  StoredProcedure [dbo].[ProjectTableRowCount]    Script Date: 12/27/2013 16:23:55 ******/
ALTER PROC [dbo].[ProjectTableRowCount]
	@ProjectId int,
	@SearchKey varchar(50) ,
	@PageNo int , 									
	@PazeSize int 

SELECT  AllTableInfo.Id , AllTableInfo.tableName ,AllTableInfo.[rowCount] ,  AllTableInfo.isActive    FROM
( SELECT [Table].Id, TABLE_INFO.*, [Table].isActive,  ROW_NUMBER() OVER(ORDER BY [Table].isActive) AS rownumber FROM [Table]  
SELECT      A.Name 'tableName', SUM(B.rows) AS 'rowCount'
FROM        sys.objects A
INNER JOIN  sys.partitions B ON A.object_id = B.object_id
WHERE       A.type = 'U' 
GROUP BY    A.schema_id, A.Name

ON  [Table].tableName = TABLE_INFO.tableName ) AS AllTableInfo
INNER JOIN ProjectTable	ON
ProjectTable.tablesId = AllTableInfo.Id
WHERE ProjectTable.ProjectId = @ProjectId 
AND AllTableInfo.tableName LIKE '%'+@SearchKey +'%'           
AND rownumber > (( @PageNo -1) * @PazeSize )
                         AND rownumber <= ((@PageNo - 1)* @PazeSize)+ @PazeSize


my Entity code

public virtual ObjectResult<ProjectTableRowCount_Result> ProjectTableRowCount(Nullable<int> projectId, string searchKey, Nullable<int> pAGENO, Nullable<int> pazeSize)
            var projectIdParameter = projectId.HasValue ?
                new ObjectParameter("projectId", projectId) :
                new ObjectParameter("projectId", typeof(int));
            var searchKeyParameter = searchKey != null ?
                new ObjectParameter("SearchKey", searchKey) :
                new ObjectParameter("SearchKey", typeof(string));
            var pAGENOParameter = pAGENO.HasValue ?
                new ObjectParameter("PAGENO", pAGENO) :
                new ObjectParameter("PAGENO", typeof(int));
            var pazeSizeParameter = pazeSize.HasValue ?
                new ObjectParameter("PazeSize", pazeSize) :
                new ObjectParameter("PazeSize", typeof(int));
            return ((IObjectContextAdapter)this).ObjectContext.ExecuteFunction<ProjectTableRowCount_Result>("ProjectTableRowCount", projectIdParameter, searchKeyParameter, pAGENOParameter, pazeSizeParameter);

But the error is

"The function import could not be found in the container"

I add the function import by the information given on

Please help ...
Updated 27-Dec-13 2:04am
AlexDpars 27-Dec-13 10:09am
What is your .Net Framework version? What is your EF version also ( it will be write when you add the EDMX file to your project )
Vi(ky 28-Dec-13 6:56am
.Net framework version is 4.5 & Entity Framework version is 5.0
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Solution 1

Does autocomplete find your function name ? Can you see it in the list of imported functions ? If you can, try refreshing the entities from the database.
Vi(ky 28-Dec-13 6:55am
yes, the function name is in the list of Function Import list
Christian Graus 28-Dec-13 14:25pm
And it shows up with autocomplete ? If so, then I think you just need to refresh your whole model, as I said.
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Solution 2

Use trivial ADO.NET Connections and pass the stored procedure name. This will work.
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Solution 3

Check this sample application:

Entity Framework for Beginners[^]

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