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First of all allow me to make this clear that I want to develop a social networking site for purpose of learning and learning only! I am not dreaming of developing a social networking site like facebook because lets face it, it's not child's play.
I have one year of experience in Asp.Net C#, sql server. I had tried developing a social networking site few months ago but I was not satisfied with what I developed ( lack of planning in advance). I tried an approach and realized its the wrong way so I had to roll back , this happened many times. For Eg. I used a nested repeater for nested comments, then I realized that if I want to load msgs on scoll down dynamically using jquery then I might have to use divs instead of repeaters. Anyways, I am planning on giving 3 hours everyday for next 6 months to develop a social networking site which has most of the features that facebook has , I mean galleries, posts, nested comments , allow user to post photos videos on anyone's wall, groups , pages , search ,messaging, Privacy options, partial page updates (as good as that of fb). etc etc. I can leave some of the fb functionality which requires higher level of skills and knowledge such as chat feature. sIt's ok if it takes longer than 6 months. But it has to be smooth and look professional. I want to know what all stuff I need to learn? I am familiar with Jquery, javascript.

In addition to what you already know or supposed to know, as well as general programming knowledge and skills, I suggest you learn the problem of server push and some solutions for this problem, especially SignalR. Please see:[^],[^],[^].

See also my past answer on related topics: Application 'dashboard' for website accounts[^].

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jim rock 30-Dec-13 3:00am    
I have no idea about Push technology or SignalR. i will look into it.
Thank You.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 30-Dec-13 3:07am    
Will you accept this answer formally? This part is really the key...
dan!sh 31-Dec-13 15:44pm    
This has nothing to do with the question. I am amazed this got accepted as solution.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 31-Dec-13 19:32pm    
I don't understand what makes you think so. This is one of the most important aspects of the problem, maybe you just did not realize it yet.
dan!sh 1-Jan-14 1:38am    
No it's not. You can do all the server push you want with a terrible database design and horribly written queries running in backend. What good is it? OP want's to know everything and this certainly is not everything.
If you are going to develop the App in ASP.NET, C#, then I would suggest you to definitely study ASP.NET AJAX[^] as it will take a vital role in the App.

Because AJAX would help you update the page or part of the page without PostBack.
It will make your application more secure and responsive.

Learn about the AJAX Control ToolKit[^] and all the controls.

Also if you are familiar with jQuery[^], then it would make your App more responsive and eye-catchy.
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jim rock 30-Dec-13 2:47am    
Well I think I already know AJAX. As far as AJAX Tool Kit and UpdatePanels are concerned.
I use Jquery/AJAX to send data from webmethod to avoid PostBacks . Is Ajax limited to that? Or is there something more I need to know?
There are many Controls in Toolkit. If you can look all of them, then it would be good.
You can also find this type controls by jQuery Plugins.

So, its your choice. Best of luck.
First thing is, don't expect to make money from it. Second is, if you need to ask, then really you need to do a lot more study before you even start.
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jim rock 30-Dec-13 3:16am    
This is the first thing which I made clear in the description . I am trying to develop a social networking site only for the purpose of learning. I know how hard it is to develop a good social networking site since I had attempted it in the past. Earning money from social networking requires a lot more than programming skills.
I know I need to study a lot before I start and hence .. the question.
Christian Graus 30-Dec-13 3:50am    
It's certainly a decent idea for a learning project. Your best bet is to start and ask specific questions as you get stuck on things.

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