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DataRow newrowPassCount = dtoutput.NewRow();
                DataRow newrowReworkCount = dtoutput.NewRow();

                int pprevcount = 0;
                int rprevcount = 0;
                string ppcount;
                foreach (string columnName in columnNames)
                    Chart1.Series["Series1"].XValueMember = columnName;
                    int pcount = lstData.Where(k => k.FileName == columnName).Count(k =>  k.status.Trim() == "PASS");

                    ppcount = "Pass: " + (Convert.ToString(pcount - pprevcount));
                    newrowPassCount[columnName] = ppcount;
                    Chart1.Series["Series1"].YValueMembers = Convert.ToString(ppcount);
                    pprevcount = pcount;
                    rprevcount = rcount;



                Chart1.DataSource = dtoutput;

I still getting error in showing chart...
i create a new datatable which is dtoutput below here and i want to show it in chart..
125 |130 |150
test1,test2,test3 is my columnName from my code above which i want to show it as xvaluemembers
125,130,150 is my new row that created in the dtoutput which i want to show it in Yvaluemembers

can anyone help me with the error.. is my chart code above correct?...yvaluemember is to get data from column , is there code that can get data from row?
Updated 6-Jan-14 2:06am
ZurdoDev 6-Jan-14 7:59am    
What's the error?
acing wei 6-Jan-14 8:28am    
Column with name '125' was not found.
i think because yvaluemembers is read from column..where my 125 is in my row..
anyway to get value from row?

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