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I am in the process of migrating from VS2010 to VS2013. I am dependent on a myriad of different Visual Studio setup projects (*.vdproj) that as we all know went down the drain with VS2012. So I have been putting it off for a while - I actually skipped VS2012 because of this.

But now I have bitten the bullet, spent time to understand Installshield LE enough to manually port my setup projects (the new import from vdproj feature in Installshield LE 2013 seems to be pure hot air, nothing really is imported), and all is actually progressing quite well.

I do however get very frustrated with the 'Flexera Software Customer Community' page that - following a logic that so far have escaped me - pops up in the document area of VS2013 to offer me links to various explanations on the Flexera site. I *really* don't want this and furthermore this page has a persistent JavaScript error that is intensely annoying.

Does anyone know how to kill this 'Flexera Customer Community' tab for all time?

Updated 11-Jan-14 9:22am
Philippe Mori 20-Oct-15 12:38pm    
Microsoft add back support for Setup project but it a separate download (I think it is an extension available only when you manage them).

In my case, I decided to go for Wix before support was add back due to popular demand on Visual Studio User Voice.

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No, I never succeeded in getting rid of the Flexera (un)help page. I tried contacting Flexera support but that was indeed an extremely poor experience.

Now that the support for Visual Studio setup projects is back via an extension I have more or less finished porting out of Install Shield and back to VS setup projects.

All in all a lot of frustration and waste of time
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