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I have the following data in SqlLite as well as Postgresql database and am successfully showing it in a tablularlayout on my android widget.It's basically a timetable for college students.

See here.

I did set OnClickListener for all the textviews individually,which means each and every subject name which you're seeing is clickable in my app.

Upon clicking on a subject following page shows up shows.

See here.

Till now I have written code for setting up a single alarm only but not multiple.Hence selecting one checkbox only.However i am gonna set multiple alarms such that if one selects all the 4 checkboxes 4 alarms for a single subject must be triggering accordingly.


1.While setting alarms for each subject individually,should i set 4 pendingintents for 4 checkbox selected time and only trigger those alarms which are selected in checkboxes?And should i use the same requestcode for the PendingIntent.getBroadcast or should i use 4 different requestcodes?Right now i have only 1 pendingintent.When save and set alarm button is clicked one alarm is being set according to the selected checkbox time.But i think this is not the right way for achieving the result.

2.I am assuming that i have to create 4 pendingintents for "one subject at one particular slot,for eg. for DBMS its monday 1:40-3:20PM,so 4 pendingintents for DBMS".Now in total do i need to create No. of subjects * 4 number of pendingintents each having differentrequestcodes?


As it may be a little confusing please comment below if something is not clear in my question.

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