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am getting confusion for designing table structures for the follwing requirement
i have to design table structures for packing material details

user will enter the number of bottles,bottle size,company name. based on these three values i need to get the available packing material names and thier quantities.

packing materials are

1.bottles(types:glass/pet bottles)
2.caps with company logo
3.printed lables(with company name and product name)
4.cartons(with company name,product name)
5.measuring cups(based on product name)
6.droppers(based on product name)
7.gum(common for every product)
8.tape rolls(common for every product)

for example user enters 10ml glass bottles,company name is XXXX

for 10ml bottles(below parameters will be change based on bottle size,if bottle size will change below parameters size will also change)

caps size must be 25mm
lable size should be 10x20
carton size should be 10x20x50

if user enters 10ml glass bottle and company name like xxx

my query result should be:
pm_name           size         qty          company name

glass bottle      10ml          1000         NA

pp caps           25mm          2000         xxx

printed lables    10x20         2000         xxx
(with productname)
cartons           10x20x50      3000         xxx
(with productname) 
gum               10             10          NA
measuring cups    50mm           20000       NA

tape rolls         xxx           20          NA

so how can i design the table please help me

thanks in advance

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