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public class PGNsegmentTxMap

         string pgn;
         public string segmentTx { get; set; }

         public string PGN
                 if (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(pgn))
                     return pgn.ToUpper();
                     return string.Empty;

             set { pgn = value; }
        public PGNsegmentTxMap(string pgn, string segmentTx)
            this.segmentTx = segmentTx;
            this.pgn = pgn;


     class ProductComparer : IEqualityComparer<PGNsegmentTxMap>
         // Products are equal if their names and product numbers are equal. 
         public bool Equals(PGNsegmentTxMap x, PGNsegmentTxMap y)

             //Check whether the compared objects reference the same data. 
             if (Object.ReferenceEquals(x, y)) return true;

             //Check whether any of the compared objects is null. 
             if (Object.ReferenceEquals(x, null) || Object.ReferenceEquals(y, null))
                 return false;

             //Check whether the products' properties are equal. 
             return x.segmentTx == y.segmentTx && x.PGN == y.PGN;
         public int GetHashCode(PGNsegmentTxMap product)
             //Check whether the object is null 
             if (Object.ReferenceEquals(product, null)) return 0;

             //Get hash code for the Name field if it is not null. 
             int hashProductName = product.segmentTx == null ? 0 : product.segmentTx.GetHashCode();

             //Get hash code for the Code field. 
             int hashProductCode = product.PGN.GetHashCode();

             //Calculate the hash code for the product. 
             return hashProductName ^ hashProductCode;


Updated 10-Feb-14 4:02am

1 solution

for (int i = 0; i < PGNsegmentMapLists.Count; i++)
            PGNsegmentTxMap[] products = PGNsegmentMapLists[i];

        PGNsegmentTxMap[] products = PGNsegmentMapLists.ToArray();
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Member 10408451 10-Feb-14 8:45am    
It works fine
But when I am trying like below
IEnumerable<PGNsegmentTxMap> noduplicates = products.Distinct(new ProductComparer());
it is not giving distinct values of products into noduplicates
Can you help me in solving this
Karthik_Mahalingam 10-Feb-14 8:55am    
change this ProductComparer such a way that it will compare the exact duplicates..
or post the ProductComparer
Member 10408451 10-Feb-14 9:04am    
Now I updated my question with class and productComparer
please check it

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