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when a user enter wrong password in three times its username and password will be to set this condition in and c#?
Pheonyx 26-Feb-14 4:37am    
What have you tried? Where is your validation logic?
[no name] 26-Feb-14 4:48am    
when a candidate login his account he was enter wrong password ..three times he can enter the password when he attempt the 4th time his account will be to set this validation?

1 solution

make a boolean field (e.g. blocked) that represent the account blocked or not in database table in which you store the users and set it to 0 or false.

now whenever a user try to attempt login check it is blocked or not. if it is blocked just return whatever you want.

now for login make a query string variable e.g. called attempt and set it to 0(try to login on facebook with wrong paassword and see). whenever a user enters the wrong password or user name! increament the attempt variable in query string. when attempt variable reaches to 3 set the blocked field to true or 1. and now when user try to login again show the message that your account is blocked.
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[no name] 26-Feb-14 4:46am    
can u give some examples...

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