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Code Name 01 02 03 04 05...... 31
A001 abc     P   A  P  P  P
B001 xyz     P   P  P  N  A

I want to calculate Employee abc is present how many days in crystal report where bold text is my column names and P is Present A is Absent and N is No record (Blank) value in Report..

Thanks in Advance
Updated 20-Mar-14 0:16am
Aravindba 27-Mar-14 6:37am
hi if u deploy in server machine ,report work fine ? not in developer machine

status is P/A instead of this fetch 1/0 status (integer value)
Now display status it will show sum of status (1=present days) automatically
and now another problem is to display 0 as "A" and 1 as "P" for this..
write a formula...

Happy Coding!
chetna2810 21-Mar-14 6:28am
Thanks for replying
I am creating a attendance report. So i have to print P and A (fetch the records like this only)..
I tried this
numberVar X :=0 ;
if ({EmpFinalAttendanceReport.01} = "P")
then X := X +1;
if ({EmpFinalAttendanceReport.02} = "P")
then X := X +1;
if ({EmpFinalAttendanceReport.03} = "P")
then X := X +1;
if ({EmpFinalAttendanceReport.04} = "P")
then X := X +1;

got the answer but if i have no record on particular date then its stop working.

place your formula in detail section

then right click on formula

insert summary

and place summary to report footer.

Hope this will work for you.

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