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I'm looking for an interface that will allow me reading and writing to USB HID device concurrently from multiple applications at the same time. The target OS is Windows 7 and Windows 8, programming language C++, C++/CLI or C#. I'm looking for some ready made solution or an advice for an API I can use for implementing the interface.

I'm designing the USB HID device (hardware) so I can customize its HID report.

The USB HID device is input/output device. Input = 8 buttons, Output = 8 LEDs (I need to turn them on/off and to set intensity).
[no name] 30-Mar-14 9:32am    
What kind of interface or API are you imagining. You are talking to a device driver. The question is "is the driver thread safe". The answer is probably not unless you wrote it to be. You can maybe employ a user mode app to marshal calls to the driver but it all sounds very complicated for buttons and leds.

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