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Dear All

how to make receipt bill using epson thermal printer

I have invoice form (DataGridView and Textbox)data want to print directly Thermal Printer.

Please advice me. for Thermal printer
[no name] 30-Mar-14 13:53pm    
Exactly the same as any other printer. Read the documentation for whatever printer you have.

There is no differ between printing on "normal" printer and printing on thermal printer.

All you need to do is to create PrintDocument[^] and then call Print method[^]. To set up default printer, use PrinterSettings Property[^]

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Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 30-Mar-14 20:36pm    
Agree, 5ed.
Maciej Los 31-Mar-14 2:35am    
Thank you, Sergey ;)
Marc Gabrie 31-Mar-14 13:25pm    
I've to disagree with your comment. Thermal printers come with a firmware that is capable of understand simple printer commands like ESC/POS, ZPL, EPL, etc depending on the printer brand. Those commands are designed to be lightweight and printing performance is way much faster when using raw printer commands that a graphic approach through a Windows driver + Windows API (the one produced by PrintDocument). In a scenario where fast printing performance and/or big printing volume is priority-one, then PrintDocument approach is a no way option IMHO.
Of course PrintDocument is a generic approach that will work with any kind of printer, but in this case this member is asking for thermal printing scenarios i.e. very specific, and for me, raw printing approach is the way to go.
Maciej Los 31-Mar-14 14:41pm    
OK. Thank you, Marc for your comment. OP does not provide as much details as you provided. I'll improve my question if OP will improve His question.
Learn a little bit about your printer command language i.e. the famous ESC/POS (get ref manual from EPSON website)
Then send those commands directly to the printer by using this code

I suppose it is a desktop app what you are coding there. If it were an ASP.NET website, then things change a bit. Just let me know if this last one is your case.
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Maciej Los 31-Mar-14 14:41pm    
I hope you're right ;)

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