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I had a short question about hooking into Windows. Is there a way I could change the outcome of the keyboard? For instance, if I were to press the "A" key, could I make it so that instead of "A" it would show up as "@"?

The reason I'd like to do this is because I want to write in a alt code without the need of having to insert the backspace key and then the character I want.

- Deviant

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I don't think you want a hook; I think you need a KeyUp[^] event handler.

In the handler make whatever substitutions you want.
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Deviant Sapphire 4-Apr-14 15:36pm    
I'm pretty sure that only works on a specific control/form, not the entire computer.
gggustafson 4-Apr-14 15:51pm    
It works for an application. Why would you want to interrupt keyboard interpretation machine-wide?
Deviant Sapphire 4-Apr-14 18:14pm    
It's a personal project, I'd like to change my letters to a specific symbol.
Deviant Sapphire 4-Apr-14 18:14pm    
Also in game, and forth.
gggustafson 4-Apr-14 23:49pm    
Again this is an application. For information on hooks, Google "keyboard hooks"

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