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Dear all,

Currently i am working on a Point of Sale System, (btw this is my first POS development :) )

I have a central database where all the pos systems connects. The central database will be hosted in Datacenter. I need you guys expert advice in "How to connect to central database"

I have 3 option in my mind (Pls let me know if there is any better solution :) )

1. Connect to central database using VPN and use normal connection string in the application

2. Create a webservice which take SQL statement as a parameter and process the sql and return a datatable

3. Create a webservice and use VPN Connection to connect to Database :confused:

Which is the best option? since its a POS it should be fast as possible in terms of DB communication :)

Thankyou guys :)

I would go web service as long as you make it secure enough.
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Thanks John, is there any reasons you use webservice instead od using VPN to retreive data?

Making webservice secure : will using ssl in webservice make it secure? I will also pass in a username and password as webservice parameter and validate user before processing the request. Will this be good enough??
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