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i have static library created by x86 .so i want to convert it to arm ?

1 solution

Recompile the original source with an ARM compiler: you can't convert X86 machine code (which is what the library will contain) to ARM machine code - they are totally different processors and indeed types of processor. X68 is CISC, ARM is RISC (according to the manufacturer anyway: I disagree).
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ajapcooo 8-May-14 9:43am    
but i have not source code
OriginalGriff 8-May-14 9:49am    
Then you will have to rewrite it.
As I said: X86 machine code does not translate to ARM without serious amounts of manual work.
ajapcooo 8-May-14 9:59am    
no any tools?
OriginalGriff 8-May-14 10:09am    
Think about it: you want to change the code only, not any data it might contain. Which means you can't just read the file in binary and go "This is hex 050986ff, so that's a load AL with 0x26, I'll make that MOV32 r3, #0x00000026" and so on: what if it's data? So you have to use intelligence and look at what the code does, not what the "instructions" are.
ajapcooo 8-May-14 14:23pm    
ok thanks

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