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Hi everybody,

I've tried to create a sqlce db with MS Visual Studio 2013 desktop express edition, but I can't find the command to create it.
Then I've found that it's been deprecated by Microsoft: is there an alternative to it? I'm looking for a db which does not need a server in order to work. IE: I need something like an Access db file, but I want to execute queries on it without the support of a server: just dlls or .NET framework. Thanks!

Maciej Los 11-May-14 9:31am    
Sorry, but your question makes no-sense. Please read the documentation: SQLCE[^].
Bernhard Hiller 12-May-14 2:58am    
Also note that the Expression Editions of Visual Studio do not offer the full functionality of the paid versions. It could be necessary that you create the database manually with the tools for that database (by the way: I always prefer to do so, creating the database with something else is a ...), and then connect to it from your code.
LLLLGGGG 13-May-14 12:51pm    
What kind of programs can I use? I remember I once used Database.Net 4, but I've tried it and it's not compatible with Windows 8.1.1. What kind of products do you use?

I think you are looking for SQL Server Compact.

Here are some resources:
SQL Server Compact[^]
Microsoft's Embedded Database - SQL Server Compact - Team Blog[^]
Microsoft SQL Server Compact 4.0[^]
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Well...there's an Access file: use ODBC and ACE and you can access the file directly:[^]
Or there is SqLite[^] which has the advantage of being compatible with Android as well.
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