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How to bind grid by using kendo Ui,

and how to manipulate CRUD operations in mvc4 by using kendo UI
SwarupDChavan 20-May-14 9:24am    
hey have you checked with this site wherein they have provided everything needed to work with kendo grid

1 solution

This is qit easy. I dont post very lookrative. You can read step by step tutorial from here
How to Bind Kendu UI Grid with ASP.NET MVC Html5

Step 1:Inside Home Controller past this code to overriding About function.

publicActionResult About(){

BLC_DEVEntitiesob = newBLC_DEVEntities();

var result = ob.Sys_Grade.ToList();





return View();


This function return list of Json formatted ‘Grade’ Table data. Right click on KendoGrid() function and add click to add new View.

Step 2: In KendoGrid.cshtml page will created. Past bellow code in it.





$(document).ready(function () {

varsourceGridDataSource ={

schema: {

model: {

id: "GradeID",

fields: {

GradeID: { type: "int", editable: false, validation: { required: false, min: 1 } },

GradeName: { type: "string", editable: true, validation: { required: true, min: 1 } }





transport: {

read: {

url: "@Url.Action("About", "Home")",

dataType: "JSON",

method: "POST",



batch: true,

pageSize: 10





dataSource: sourceGridDataSource,

selectable: "row",

navigatable: true,

filterable: true,

height: 300,

toolbar: ["create"],

sortable: true,

resizable: true,

pageable: true,

columns: [

{ field: "GradeID", title: "ID", width: "120px", filterable: true, headerAttributes: { "class": "gridHeader", style: "font-weight: bold;font-size: 13px;" } },

{ field: "GradeName", title: "GradeName", width: "120px", filterable: false, headerAttributes: { "class": "gridHeader", style: "font-weight: bold;font-size: 13px;" } }


editable: "inline"




Step 3:

Now run this code and bingo.

Download Source Code: Bind Kendo Grid ASP.NET MVC

If you have any confusion or have any question feel free to write on comments section. I will try to answer it. Thanks
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