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How do I change the Highlight colour of a Listbox from the default Blue colour to any colour?
phil.o 17-Jun-14 13:49pm    
WPF? Windows Forms? VB.NET is just a language and does not presume anything about what engine you plan to use.
Please tag your question according to the field you're interested in.
vbGoof 18-Jun-14 12:15pm    
Windows Forms
vbGoof 18-Jun-14 9:54am    
With the listbox [drawmode] property set to [OwnerDrawFixed] this code works if items are added at design time. My listbox is generated with data from command prompt

'Change Highlight colour
Private Sub ListBox2_DrawItem(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.DrawItemEventArgs) Handles ListBox2.DrawItem
If (e.State And DrawItemState.Selected) = DrawItemState.Selected Then
e.Graphics.FillRectangle(Brushes.Gray, e.Bounds)
End If
Using b As New SolidBrush(e.ForeColor)
e.Graphics.DrawString(ListBox2.GetItemText(ListBox2.Items(e.Index)), e.Font, b, e.Bounds)

End Using

End Sub
phil.o 18-Jun-14 13:11pm    
Better improve your question with your code rather than putting it in comments; comments are not really meant to display lines of code.
While in the question, you can enclose your code between <pre> tags, which will take care of the correct formatting.

What happens when items are added at runtime ?
vbGoof 20-Jun-14 11:07am    
The information does not appear but when I scroll in the listbox, or when i do a ListCount it indicates that there are items in there but they are not visible. I have tried <pre> .toString </pre> but nothing appears. I managed to change the highlight colour. When the listbox is set to [DrawMode:Normal] the data is there

There is no direct property to do that. You have to owner draw the ListView to do that,
You can find it here
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<pre lang="vb">Private Sub ListView1_ItemMouseHover(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.ListViewItemMouseHoverEventArgs) Handles ListView1.ItemMouseHover
        If previousListViewItem IsNot Nothing Then
            previousListViewItem.ForeColor = Nothing
            previousListViewItem.BackColor = Nothing
        End If

        e.Item.ForeColor = Color.Red &#39;Color.FromKnownColor(KnownColor.HighlightText)
        e.Item.BackColor = Color.Gray &#39;Color.FromKnownColor(KnownColor.Highlight)

        previousListViewItem = e.Item
    End Sub</pre>
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The code is from here
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