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i can't believe there's no way to delete some element from page that my application is web browser load it it?

for example, i add on my application,

1 - button

1 - webbrowser

application on load navigate to

and that page contains :
<div id="hello"></div>

now when page loaded, when i click on button, it deletes that node only. is there any way?

(please don't tell me to delete that using that element id. i want to do that without using id. i believe there's a way to do that)

Debabrata_Das 22-Jun-14 11:19am    
Hello friend, could you please share your code changes so that we understand your question?
- DD
Member 10749093 22-Jun-14 12:02pm    
hi friend. i have code

Dim Rstring As String = WebBrowser1.Document.Body.InnerHtml

Rstring = Replace(Rstring, "Hello", "Hi")

WebBrowser1.Document.Body.InnerHtml = Rstring

that code replace "hello" to "hi" which is on page on webbrowser but i want to write the html code on that "hello" is place. then i be able to replace the code with something like, another code or maybe word.
Debabrata_Das 23-Jun-14 2:18am    
Ok, so you can write something like,
Rstring = Replace(Rstring, "<span>Hello</span>", "Hi")
In this case, I've written HTML tag instead of plain text and this should also work. Are you facing any challenge while doing so?
Member 10749093 23-Jun-14 3:57am    
i have tried that using html tags. but didn't work. it only works when i write text only

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