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MatchCollection collection2 = Regex.Matches(range.Text, @"(\W|^)u/s.(\W|$)");
               count = collection2.Count;

I need to find all the "u/s." in my file, i'm using this code...
in actual there are 41 occurrence but this code is counting only 15...
what to do, plz help
Updated 26-Jun-14 1:10am

try with
 string pattern = Regex.Escape("u/s.");
MatchCollection collection2  = Regex.Matches(range.Text, @"(?:(?<=^|\s)(?=\S)|(?<=\S|^)(?=\s))" + pattern + @"(?:(?<=\S)(?=\s|$)|(?<=\s)(?=\S|$))", RegexOptions.IgnoreCase);
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ShobuGpta 26-Jun-14 5:38am    
nope, still same ans..
DamithSL 26-Jun-14 5:51am    
check my updated answer
ShobuGpta 26-Jun-14 6:17am    
i used the ans below given below, it's working properly, thans btw..
DamithSL 26-Jun-14 6:28am    
you asking something else in your question. in future if someone else tried accepted answer to search specific word it will fail.
Note that you actually need to count occurrences of given string. that is not the same as counting words with same text. Change the Question for your requirement.
ShobuGpta 26-Jun-14 7:10am    
got it.
Try this regex pattern:
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ShobuGpta 26-Jun-14 5:39am    
thanks it worked..
DamithSL 26-Jun-14 5:53am    
if you have u/dfgdfgdgfs.u/s.u/s.dfgdfg this will count as 2 even though there is no such WORD
CHill60 26-Jun-14 8:00am    
True ... but "u/s." isn't a "word" either ... nor did the OP say it was

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