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I dont know if this a right place to ask but anyway here you go:

I am trying count all occurrences word are that are in the file but i dont know how to do it but I can only do in like user have input in not from a file;


in file they have

the 50
is 20
on 5

and so on. but i couldnt get it to work.
I hope someone could help me out.


void main()
	int i = 0, j = 0, count = 0;
	char str1[100], str2[20], str3[20];
	printf("Enter the text: ");

	printf("Enter word to count: ");

	while (str1[i] != '\0')
		while (str1[i] != ' '&&str1[i] != '\0')	//copying the word from the text to a new string
			str3[j++] = str1[i++];

		str3[j] = '\0';	//assigning null character at the end of string
		j = 0;

		if ((_strcmpi(str2, str3)) == 0)	//comparing the given word with the copied word

		if (str1[i] == '\0')

	printf("No. of words are %d", count);
Updated 23-Sep-14 22:20pm
Member 11105393 24-Sep-14 3:08am    
first on all i am new to C as you can see i ask user for input but thing is i want to get information file not from user;

like in file it store

50 the
20 so
10 on

it will print

50 the
20 so
10 on

and so on

code is working fine! I compile it and it run

1 solution

It is not difficult: in a loop read from the file a word at time (you may use fscanf[^] for the purpose ) and check if it matches the user input.
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Member 11105393 24-Sep-14 3:48am    
I dont want input for user but i want it from files
CPallini 24-Sep-14 5:16am    
Do you want to count the occurrences of every word of the file?

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