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actually i dont know how to explain my problem in english cause im not good at but ill tell what im making ... im making a internet cafe management system where in remotely control the clients send message and monitor their consumed time as well as locking their computer shutdown or restart i only know basic in controls and commands and basic database connection like using datasource tableadapters datasets in ACCESS im trying to learn how to remotely control another pc and the thing i found out that i must is the TCP in which you will connect to other pc so i research about that download example code watching youtube but i cant understand it well how to use it well or how will i use if first coz i cant copy that code and paste it to my work without knowing it coz i have different interface and control and commands i cant find a great guide for it as well as using database to store their time pcip pcname pcstatus and so on and ill highly appreciate who would help

this is my program
Updated 14-Aug-14 18:44pm
Richard MacCutchan 15-Aug-14 3:44am    
You cannot control remote computers in this way without the user providing access. And most users are not going to allow it.
Aldrich Logan 15-Aug-14 8:58am    
actually not control all just the basic need to a internet cafe management system like shutdown locked and restart
Richard MacCutchan 15-Aug-14 9:17am    
You cannot lock, shutdown or restart, a computer remotely without help from the user.
Aldrich Logan 15-Aug-14 15:03pm    
have you seen handy cafe? im doing the same thing they does ..
Richard MacCutchan 16-Aug-14 3:20am    
And the only way they can do it is by installing software on the client system that responds to messages from the server. Are your clients prepared to accept such a system?

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