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Hi All,
I am developing an c# web-application to sign documents on the server side. I am using a USB dongle to sign the documents. When i developed on the development box, I can able to sign the document. But when the same code is hosted on IIS , I cannot able to sign the document. I am not getting any exception too. The error provided is An Internal error occurred.

I got stuck on this stage. Please help me on this issue.
Updated 23-Apr-20 10:05am
ZurdoDev 9-Sep-14 8:00am
The USB will have to be plugged into the server right? Because that is where the code is running that is trying to access the USB.
S.Prasath 9-Sep-14 8:01am
Absolutely. Its connected.
ZurdoDev 9-Sep-14 12:44pm
1. Reply to comment so that the user is notified.
2. Then it is probably a permissions issue. Check which user is running the app pool in IIS.
S.Prasath 9-Sep-14 22:45pm
May be. But I have a question like "Do the IIS(with full rights) itself cannot able to access the external hardware(USB Token)?"
ZurdoDev 10-Sep-14 7:12am
Depends on what identity the app pool is using.
S.Prasath 10-Sep-14 7:48am
I tried with Network service and also local Administrator. Getting the same issue my friend.
ZurdoDev 10-Sep-14 7:50am
I would suggest trying an admin account.
S.Prasath 10-Sep-14 7:52am
Even I tried adding the administrator to the IIS_USER group, but it didnt solve my issue....
ZurdoDev 10-Sep-14 7:53am
Create an admin account and try that one. Also look in event viewer or your own logging to see if there is additional details.
S.Prasath 10-Sep-14 7:55am
Ok... I will give a try and update you the result shortly...
S.Prasath 10-Sep-14 8:35am
I created a admin account and run the application in it. Still no result my friend.
ZurdoDev 10-Sep-14 8:39am
Then you need to look in event viewer and find more details about the error, for example, the stack trace.
S.Prasath 11-Sep-14 1:51am
I have checked with both event viewer and sysinternals process moniter. I cant find any Errors loggged.
S.Prasath 15-Sep-14 6:43am
Guyz... Any update?
kshamaporwal 19-Jan-16 23:40pm
Guy..Any way forward for this?I am facing the same issue.

Thanks a lot in advance.

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