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Hi I'm working on a java project
in a part of this project I have some (20) point valuse in 2 dimension (x,y,val) for all 19 points
I want to create a 2D grid that contain all points by interpolation (bicubic or bilinear)
so is there any solution, library , source code or example?
plx help
tnx all
[no name] 27-Sep-14 16:40pm    
What I understand -maybe I'm wrong- this Forum will help you if you have a particular problem.

Ok, you have also a problem, but not for this forum- because you are asking for the code before trying something ;)

First of all, why don't you even consider such a basic thing as implementing the interpolation by yourself, using well-known and well described algorithms? See for example:[^],[^].

I understand, it needs time and requires some qualification, a lot of effort to test and debug it. But why not searching for the solutions using, say, Web search?

Please see:[^],[^].

Using the occasion, I also want to mention the known "overshoot" cases by bicubic algorithm which results in increased acutance. It's interesting that 1) human vision perceives image with slight of even considered overshoot as very natural, most usually not spotting the effect; 2) it's a little known fact that the processing of information in human visual system itself produce considerable "overshoot"; so in might be one of the factors explaining previous item.

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dear all I worked on this problem previously.
but in Matlab (all entire project)
after times I asked to worked that in the java without converting from matlab2java , also I worked other part of my project and just this section remained
so, I repeat my question another way:
is there any library or class in java like matlab function (gridfit.m)?
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