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I need some ideas and little bit code for OOP project using C++.

My semester project may be game, application, graph drawing, image processing. But there would be no management system project like hotel, hospital, airline, library etc. Code would be sequential that contains all concepts of OOP, like encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism etc. And easy code.

Please help in this project, thanks!
Updated 19-May-10 11:22am

How about an online booking form linked to a database that shows when classes have been booked?

Then apply for one of the classes.
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Aescleal 5-Oct-10 9:02am    
I tried doing that, unfortunately the class I ended up on was flower arranging.
salman19 wrote:
i need some ideas and little bit code for oop project using c++

I don't get why people ask us what their projects should be. Choose something you know how to do, instead of expecting us to suggest something and you just magically do it. If you can do ANYTHING, then just choose something. No, we won't give you code, certainly not in a forum reply. You need to pass your own course, not ask us for code.

You are, of course, welcome to ask specific questions if you get stuck.

salman19 wrote:
game ,application,graph drawing,image processing

FYI, C++ has NO graphics support. If you're using a framework, such a MFC, you need to also specify what it is you are using. C++ won't do it, alone.
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I would go with graph drawing if I were you. I think 2D drawing code would be the smallest learning curve for a beginner. With libraries like GDI+ (I am assuming it will be a Windows app) you can easily add gradient fills, edge smoothing, etc making your final output look really nice.
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enhzflep 5-Dec-14 8:39am    
I suspect the project was finished somewhere in the vicinity of 40 months ago...
JJMatthews 8-Dec-14 2:36am    
whoops ... missed that
enhzflep 8-Dec-14 5:54am    
:grins: easily done..

Forgot to vote your answer earlier. It's a great suggestion, someone will likely make use of it.
do a terrain engine. this is a great site to learn about opengl[^] :)
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it can be tic tac game if u really not know about programming.
it is easy and u can do it will probably learn from it.
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How about a program that reads the Bible, not that this is a religious idea, but it is a book people are familiar with. technically not the bible, but the bible text.
throw away all punctuation and numbers, and foot notes.

then build a couple of different arrays, and fill them with each unique word, or name.
and count the number of times each word appears. Some arrays might need to be sorted.
Then take timings for the different arrays you use, to find out which ones are the most efficient.
and display the results with the most frequently used words at the top.
and display the timings for each list.
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Richard MacCutchan 5-Dec-14 9:41am    
This question is more than four years old. Posting here is a total waste of time.
Dire_st 5-Dec-14 12:39pm    
Holy cow, I am so oblivious. why does it pop up at the top!
thanks for the info, Richard.
Richard MacCutchan 5-Dec-14 12:46pm    
I expect someone else added a comment, which was then deleted; that leaves it near the top of the active queue.
enhzflep 6-Dec-14 1:24am    
It (this comment) doesn't make a difference and I'm curious as to why I feel compelled to type this, but anyway - it was actually the addition of Solution 7 yesterday that put it back to the top. I expressed a sentiment then which is similar to your own. :)
Richard MacCutchan 6-Dec-14 4:04am    
Yes, I seem to have missed that before. I do wonder what these people go searching for in order to answer ancient questions.

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