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i have application and we attend to place it on several servers with load balance server so i
the problem that when the user log in to my application the load balance will forward him to a server on the farm and the when he make another request may the server send him to another server on our farm that have the application on it
the problem is that the second server application will not verify that the user is log in in the first server application

so my question how to make the servers application identify that the user is already logged in

description on steps :

1- the user make request to our application
2- request will go the load balance server
3- load balance will forward it to server number 1 and the user will log in there and play with the application
4- another request from the user come to the load balance (may be he click on button or any thing like this )
5-the load balance maybe will forward him to another server in the farm that have the application
6- the application will ask the user to log in again because he did not know that he logged in on another server :-( :-( :-( :-(

so now the problem
how to make the second server know that this user is already logged in ????
Updated 13-Oct-14 23:15pm

1 solution

You can create a single sign on app which will ask username and password and verify the user to get in . And after log on you should list down the all the application which user has access to .when user tries to reach that app. You should internally identify his password and get logged in that app. without making any changes to that app.
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