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I have a website which shows the pages dynamically from Database. How should i implement the search engine with the data in database and how should i give the page urls based on the search.

I just need the any open source library or how does this works. I will implement based on it.

See Sageframe[^]


or any other CMS out there, check if some of that fits you.

If this helps, please take time to accept the solution. Thank you.
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AshishPatha 16-Oct-14 7:18am    
I want an open source project may be some thing like apache or GNU licence. And i dont want CMS , i need an search engine like thing.
Sinisa Hajnal 16-Oct-14 7:24am    
Sage frame is free and open source. DNN is free, not sure if open. And both of them implement somehwere in their code. Look for it and "steal" what you need.
AshishPatha 16-Oct-14 7:44am    
Yes i see now sage frame is a open source, but it is for .net. Is there something like that for java.
Sinisa Hajnal 16-Oct-14 8:12am    
Sorry, missed that tag detail. I don't know anything like that for java, but if you take the code there are c# to java translators which can get you there.
AshishPatha 16-Oct-14 7:48am    
And i dont see where it has search engine optimization think. It has just UI components. i.e., it is just as Content management. There is no search engine one. Did u find search engine in the Sage frame. If a link so that i can refer to it.
If you are looking for an open source solution to handle searching needs locally to your site you should checkout Lucene[^]. It requires some setup and a little programming, but it would be what you are needing.
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